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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Screen 5: From Script to Severed Fingers . . . er . . . Screen, that is.

Screen Five is one of my favorites for sure, and the moment when we get a flash of what's in store for our characters at the Western Motel -- and we get to make a visual rhyme between the glow of a Coke machine and blood -- one of my favorite moments of this 8-page teaser. Here's the script:

Screen 5: Divided vertically into four panels.
Panel 1: The Narrator emerging from the office door, crossing toward the coke machine panel left. Behind him, Nick is leaning on the counter, talking to Laura.
Caption: But that’s how it was.
Panel 2: he is standing in front of the coke machine. We see him in profile, tense face in the red, bloody-looking light of the machine, plunking quarters in.
                Inset: Quarter going into the slot.
Caption: Dead as dead could be.
SFX: Kt-Chunk!
Panel 3: The Narrator’s POV, looking into the office at Nick, who is leaned across the counter and holding onto Laura’s wrist. She is in mid-laugh, her teeth showing. It is her right hand, and it looks as if he is about to read her palm or something similar. We see all of this through the glass doors and OPEN sign on the window, all the clutter of looking in from outside.
Panel 4: A pool of blood on a concrete floor , a bloodied hand missing two fingers, and the top of a scalp, not identifiably any one character’s, though the hair is dark and matted with blood. Drifting across the inset in jagged lettering, and bleeding just slightly over into the full panel: LLLllaaauuuurrraaaa!!!!! Whhhaaaiiii???
Caption (to main panel): And he wouldn’t be the only one.

Which Cesar thumbnails out here:


And then turns into this set of unnerving pencils: 

Followed by these heavy inks, after the jump:

But for this panel, like all the others, it's the colors that really make it come to life. You can see those at Zuda, where we hope you'll vote for us and add us to your favorites so we can keep Night at the Western going!

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