Night at the Western: March 2010 Winner at Zuda Comics!

Welcome from the NIGHT AT THE WESTERN team. We are honored to be the winners of the March 2010 competition at Zuda Comics, and look forward to bringing you a year of comic noir at Zuda. On this page you'll find lots of extras and behind-the-scenes looks at Night at the Western. Enjoy, and check back often for updates!

"I Blame You" Full Lyrics

Here are the full lyrics to the honky-tonk song 'I Blame You" a simple number written back in my university days, when I played upright bass for the Chop Tops, a Rockabilly band that, beating all the odds, is still around and playing their hearts out . . .


I Blame You
For all the hurtin' that I done 
Yeah darlin' you - ah -hoo-hoo
For all the hearts . . .
That I won
Just to break them all in two
I blame you

Well I know that I'll see you in town tonight
Wearing that sweet sweet smile under the neon lights
I'll watch you go home with another guy
then I'll find another girl
and break her heart for you

I blame you
For all the lies 
That I told
Yeah darling you - ah -hoo -hoo
You were a dream 
I couldn't hold . . .
And there's nothing left to do . . .
But blame you


I blame you . . .
You were the only girl for me 
and I know
You'll say -a -hey -hey
That I was
the one to leave . . .
But I just couldn't handle you
Girl I blame you


I blame you
You made me hate that other guy
with that way -a -hey -hey!
That you looked
into his eyes . . .
And when I'm wearin' my prison blue
Girl, I'll blame you!