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Welcome from the NIGHT AT THE WESTERN team. We are honored to be the winners of the March 2010 competition at Zuda Comics, and look forward to bringing you a year of comic noir at Zuda. On this page you'll find lots of extras and behind-the-scenes looks at Night at the Western. Enjoy, and check back often for updates!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Night at the Western's "Soundtrack"

I've always thought comics would be a little more interesting if comics came with a soundtrack, so here's a look at what our team listens to while we're working:

Music sets the mood, so when working on the darker stuff I listen to:
Skalpel, especially, with its cut-and-paste Polish Jazz tracks, has been in heavy rotation lately.

While Cesar is drawing, here are his top 5:
Steven from Fonografiks has this to say: 

I listen to Clutchy Hopkins a lot while I work. It's mostly jazz/funk instrumentals, like a tension filled score to a modern noir thriller that hasn't been filmed yet. Check out People's Market (as Misled Children) and Clutch Of The Tiger (with Shawn Lee).

But what you hear in your head is, of course, entirely up to you!

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