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Friday, March 5, 2010

Screen 3: From Script to Screen

This screen contains what is probably my favorite panel of these eight screens (although what I'm really looking forward to is beyond screen 8) -- the introductory close-up of Nick, framed against a starry country sky. Even the pencils are evocative, but I feel like the inks are perfect, and the use of color in the final panel is amazing.

First, the script.

Screen 3: Divided down the center, horizontally, into two panels. The first shows a high-angle shot of two men getting out of the car, both of them wearing tan barn coats and jeans. There is a real similarity to them, accentuated by this angle. The man on the driver’s side has slightly lighter hair.
Narrator (figure on driver’s side): I suppose we could just stay the night here.
Panel 2: Close-up of Nick’s face. It is a handsome, chiseled face, with an ugly expression on it of anger.
Nick: Since we’re lost and won’t make LA inside of five hours, why not?
Caption: I would just as soon have driven all night. The place was a dump, and I fully expected to see a cockroach making lazy circles in the sink in the room. But it was almost 1 in the morning, and I was practically falling asleep at the wheel.
Cesar roughs the panel out in this thumbnail:

The care that Cesar takes with the characters is amazing, especially in the panel 2 close-up:

But the inks are, on this panel, transformative:

At this point, we turned the screen over to Steven for lettering. here's the result, after the jump:

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