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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Completing the Team: Lettering Night at the Western

There always seems to be a debate going on on the comics boards -- a very partisan debate, between the different aspects of comics. The artists have a tendency to say that it's the art which is preeminent: without good art, a good story is worth nothing. The writers often hold the opposite view: without a good story, the art is just meaningless images.

Maybe it's the fact that I am such a huge fan of the visual arts, but I hold the view that both are important -- are, in fact, integral to one another and inseparable. To me, it hardly seems to be an argument worth having.

Both camps, however, forget the importance of that often-forgotten comics art: lettering. I've definitely seen some comics with excellent writing, great art and cringe-worthy lettering, both online and in print. Cesar and I were determined not to make this mistake, so we put an ad up at Penciljack for a letterer to join us in the Zudacomics gamble. And just as I got lucky finding Cesar, we got extraordinarily lucky when Steven from Fonografiks agreed to round out our team. A professional with years of experience under his belt, Steven was the final piece of the puzzle for us, designing a lettering style that fit perfectly with Night at the Western's style.

Cesar sent the inked first page along to Steven for a test, and this was the result:

Clearly, we had a winning combination. And to see how it all came together in the end, stop by Zuda and take a look at the completed screen. While you are there, CAST YOUR VOTE for us so we can keep telling this story . . .

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